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[Ansible] local_action on aka local_hosts

Ansible allows to execute task on the local machine that launch ansible

for do that use the module local_action:

- name: local authorized key
  local_action: shell cat ~/.ssh/
  register: local_auth_key
  sudo: false

be very careful to always use sudo: false, because without this, ansible will try to run the command as sudo, and if the local user requires the use of the password, the task will fail.


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[mtasc] type error class not found :

There are many articles related to this type of error.

In my case, unfortunately, it was easier (because i lost a day to resolve).

The project was present in a folder like this:


However, when this was brought into a project like this:


The problem  disappeared 

I think it is due to the path that becomes too large because there are still folders inside windows and then fails to run as it should.